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Fitness program v(",)V

Monday, February 22, 2010 by Abbad , under

Since i started living with my parent, i've gain 6 kilos.
and its only 2 months.. crazy~
cannot diet coz my mom will get angry if i skip dinner..
so have to workout la.. sigh~

Told to myself that i need to start a fitness program..
Just like the old days~

at first try to workout once a week.. but cannot la..
still gaining weight.. sigh~

later, found out myself totally out of shape.. cannot even run on treadmill for 30 mins!
so, doing it little by little and finally..

16/2 - 5km jogg (sbb treadmill kat rumah rosak)

17/2 - 233 cal (treadmill baru siap repair.. test power!)

18/2 - 250 cal

19/2 - 300 cal

20/2 - rest

21/2 - rest

22/2 - 277 cal + 50 sit-up

Manage to burned out average 250 cal each session.. ;P

Yosh.. things working well so far,
will increase workload as i regain my fitness.


Getting Married..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Abbad , under

huhuhu.. don't get mistaken guys, its not me getting married, but 2010 has taken me by surprise thou.. i dont know why, but i kept getting wedding invitations, first my roomate in UM, Mohd Khairul Zain b. Ismail, then Hafiz Ariffin (He's actually one of my patient's family), Ammar Shamsuddin (LOP), Nurul Hidayah Adnan (LOP), Noly (LOP) just engaged, even 2 of my officemate is planning their marriage this year. Lastly, but most importantly, my sister (Bushra Tajuddin) getting married next month.. Hurray!! and Congratz guys.. ;))

Honestly, u guys make me feel want to get married also.. hahaha.. but considering my current savings, i cant afford marriage.. hehehe.. not to mention that i don't even have a girlfriend.. :P

Khairul Zain b. Ismail (a.k.a Botak), my roommate and buddy back in UM, we've done lots of crazy things together, hahaha, i'm surprise that he keep his promise to get married in 2 years after graduate (seriously, i thought he's joking at that time) .. nway, he's married already, and now its hard to ask him hang-out like the old days.. hahaha..

Botak and wife.. ;)

Hafiz Ariffin, honestly, i dont know him, but as i make insole for his sister (flat foot patient), they invite me to his wedding, well.. takkan nak tolak rezeki, so datang je ah.. makan nasi minyak free!! lol~

Ammar Shamsuddin, to me, this guy is freaking genius, has a good sense of humor, and also a good leader (well, his our president back in SAKTI). I told him, i was surprise that between all LOPians guys, his the first getting married. Don't get me wrong, back then, he got a clean image, someone who is very focused, and he seems not interested in girls (i'm not saying he's gay ok!!).. ahaha.. nway Ammar, congratulations and may your marriage last forever.. ;))

Ammar & Wife.. and us.. hahaha ;P

Nurul Hidayah Adnan, my classmate back in SAKTI, she's a bit mysterious to me, ahahaha, we don't talk much to each other, so.. i dont really know how to describe her.. but for sure, she's a good friend and i wish her best wishes and sorry that i couldn't attend to your wedding, i've planned but something important came out.. so sorry.. ;)

Dayo & Husband.. (this picts cool!..)

Noly, i'll wait your wedding card.. he he he

Bushra Tajuddin, my sister wedding will be on 6th March 2010. My whole family were busy preparing her very special day.. My mum already make 600 small basket made of newspaper, its beautiful thou.. i thought she should sell it instead of giving it to our guest on my sister wedds.. hehehe..

Sorry guys but mom told me i could only invite up 15 peoples.. sigh~
nevermind, i'll invite you all on my wedding day (i don't when??).. he he he..


simply about Jobs..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 by Abbad , under

Huh.. it has been long time since last time i updated this blog.. about 6 months maybe?
hahaha.. sorry but during those time, i'm busy with my careers (with lots of works of course). now since it CNY i had nothing to do except go to my friends wedding, visit some relatives and watching discovery channel..

Lot of things had happen to me.. first getting a job as service engineer in Multidata Medic Sdn Bhd. but sadly, it wasn't going very well, its torrid time for me i suppose. Actually, I love that job but unfortunately, my relation with boss isn't good. I'm doing my best there, but i felt he's not giving me enough credit. During my 3 month in that company, I've seen 3 staff resigns; and 2 of them are technical staffs (1 engineer and 1 technician). All because they cannot withstand boss behavior.

So, i have a very hard time to covers all service job in Malaysia alone. In 1 month i have to travel almost 7000km. Its very hard to drive to JB, Alor Star, and even Kota Bahru alone almost every week, not to mention my hectic planned-preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule and troubleshooting faulty medical equpment. I'm not giving-up because of hectic workload, but i have to resign since i cant affort to pay almost rm1000 each month to repair my car (old saga 1992). Sorry boss but car maintenance was so high that i found myself in lots of debt, and yet yo pay me only rm1.6k each month.

Then come Mr Ismail, approaching me as i attending PPM in Pantai Klang Hospital. He told me that he's looking for biomedical engineer as he was about to expand his company. He need someone who's capable of handling prosthetic and orthotics as well as to do spine monitoring. I did recommend some of my classmate to him but in the end, it was me ended up joining him. ;)

So, on 6th October 2009, I join NovaMedika Sdn Bhd, a new company with only a month old. Some of my friend told me it was a big risk joining them, because they're so new. inexperience. But i dont care about that. I believe Mr Ismail, he's being in spine bisness and PNO for almost 15 years. So, i believe he has a vast experience to keep this companny running and expand it!

Here in NovaMedika, the working enviroment was great. Everyone working hard, exchanging idea on how to keep the company running, of course we have some argument on certain things. But that because everyone is diffirent, so we have different opinions as we sees things. I'm glad that they even consider my opinion as we discuss, and they're willing to teach me on matters that i dont understand.

So, i've learned a lot of things, from spine implant to monitoring as well as PNO. its been great feeling doing jobs that you're interested of doing. PNO has been my favourite subjects ever since i'm doing Biomedical engineering in UM, so, i feel so fortunate to be able becoming part of it. ;)


Tioman Island

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by Abbad , under

How should i say.. this island is indeed very beautiful.. a perfect and nice place to ease to your tension from work, broken heart or whatever that cause your pain..

They are various of resort that you can choose from economic to luxury hospitality. Its depends on the village that you choose to stay. The most popular region is Kg Salang, but if you wishing for high class hotel, you can go to Berjaya. They even provided you an airport; the flight as i've been told is directly from Kuala Lumpur to this Island.

During my vacation, my friend and I stayed at Genting Bayu resort, Kg Genting. Its located at the south-west of the island. With affordable package they offer, we stay there for 3 days and 2 nights and honestly, it was a marvelous vacation.

Here in Tioman Island, they provide you a lot activities; from snorkeling to scuba diving as well as jungle tracking. At night, if you bring a tourch light, you can walk along the beach and looked for octopus, crab, fish and even turtle (only is you lucky!).

One word to describe this island; beautiful. I was truly amazed with the scenery in this island. And, you wont regret spending your vacation here in this island.

Here's some pictures that might interest you about this island.

The resort.. well, this is not Genting Bayu though.. I just captured this photo on the way to that resort.. lol~

Scenery #1

Scenery #2: Good way to relaxed yourself at the beach.

Looking the sunset.. lol~

Octopus that I found during night walk..


Monday, May 11, 2009 by Abbad , under ,

today, lets talk about futball..

honestly though, i'm a die-hard liverpool fans who refuse to wear their shirt because of that s**t bastard "Carlsberg" as their sponsor.. what can i do.. the deal will finish next season and hopefully they'll change it.. for god sake, its been 18years.. but, i do buy their jersey, of course, only for collection. nevermid that, liverpool had been in top form this season, but Man Utd is simply in different class. i wonder when will they slip-up, maybe after sir Alex resign and retire?? who knows.. =P

I just watch the match between Man Utd and Man City.. Man Utd won by 2-0, the first half was enjoyed to watch and the second half is pretty much boring.. and guys.. Man Utd surely doesnt seem to show any sign of slip-up.. well, i guest, only miracle could give liverpool the title.. hmm.. another season without title eh?? who knows.. but it seems that way..

Another derby match today is between Arsenal and Chelsea.. sumhow i feel pity to Arsenal.. what can i say.. 1-4?? they only got themself to blame.. they got so many chance and yet, they're not capitalise it.. but as expected their game is joy to watch.. they played beautiful football but to win, you need to score goals.. Chelsea on the other hand, was indeed very sharp.. they took all their chances despite having less possesion.. well.. thats football for ya..

so, up untill now, the league position look like this:

Manchester Utd 35 83
Liverpool 36 80
Chelsea 36 77
Arsenal 36 68

fuhh.. i hate Man Utd really.. but they're so damn good.. well, league is not finished yet.. hopefully Liverpool will keep up the pressure.. thats all they could do.. Man Utd still got a game in hand though.. they've got clear chance to win the league.. huh.. i hope Barcelona will win the champion league and Messi will win the world player of the year instead that "christie the gay".. lol~

that's all for today..

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, May 10, 2009 by Abbad , under

Assalamualaikum & hi to all..

well, since life is too bored after final exam and i dont have anything to do while waiting the result and counting days to graduate, i decide to blogging.. lagipon asyik dok layan blog org laen.. rase cam best jer.. hahaha.. em.. actually this is my first time tulis blog.. ntah tak tau nak tulis ape.. but since life is full of surprise, i decide to write simply about anything.. about my life, friends, sports etc.

first of all, think i should introduce myself, 'Abbad bin Tajuddin, 23 years old. Most of my friends just call me simply as "Abbad", but sumtimes they do call me "bad". i dont have many nick name becoz my name is already very simple and senang nak igt. hehehe. I have a quite big family, got 8 siblings and i'm fourth. So, bile cuti jer.. rumah kami mmg meriah.. hahaha..

More about me, i'm currently studying as final year student in Biomedical Engineering, University of Malaya (UM) and i'll be graduating soon.. just finish my final semester, and hopefully i'll pass all the papers and yeay!!.. graduate!!.. then looking for a job.. kumpul duet and.. wat la pape yg patot.. hahaha

thinks that enough.. no need introduce my self too detail kot.. nway.. thanks for visiting my blog.. i'll try to update as frequent as possible.. ye la tu... hahaha..

bye for now..